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The light power of an almost forgotten moon goddess 
The book Nehalennia unraveled, the secrets of the light power I received as a gift from a friend. An enormously thick book of more than 600 large pages, one and a half kilos in weight. Lack of time was the reason that I always didn't start. I would like to be able to read a book one after the other. That has now been achieved, and I must say, what an impressive book by Demi H. Quins. 
The author describes her search for the almost forgotten goddess Nehalennia in 128 chapters. I won't tell you anything about the content. Let me put it this way, this book either suits you or it doesn't. Read it from start to finish and don't look back for the outcome. The search reads like an exciting story. 
I enjoyed the connections the author makes between all kinds of (spiritual and historical) subjects. In the meantime I learned quite a bit about things I was not so familiar with (nature gods, druids, Celts, goddesses, the moon and Mercury) and had to agree on a lot (Atlantis, dark forces, light power, Thoth, goddesses and angels). Because there is so much knowledge shared in this book, it is a slow read, but all the information is worth it. 
Marianne Notschaele-den Boer 
Regression and Reincarnation Therapist

585 pages in large format
(19.3 x 4.9 x 26 cm) 
ISBN: ‎9789403645421

Available at every bookstore and thanks to my dear English friend Art translated into correct English.