Do you also follow the Way of the Moon?
Does the Pagan Moon Path appeal to you and do you want to contribute to it or learn more about it? Or are you already working with these energies, just like me? Perhaps you have read my book The White Goddess of Truth and have come to feel as much of a connection to the ancient teachings as I have. For me it felt like coming home. Or are you still searching, but do you feel a sparkle resonating in your soul? On the blog I will regularly share information and exercises or rituals that you can perform at home. A basis for this path is that you see animals as brothers and sisters and treat them as such.
I think we can become stronger together, by uniting energies and by getting to know and support each other from a distance. Therefore, I would like to ask anyone who feels a connection to the path of our ancestors to follow the Blog regularly and leave comments so that we as like-minded people can reconnect. Forums are a bit “off”, I have renounced Social Media myself after all the censorship. Blog posts can invite reactions and topic-oriented communication with each other.
You are welcome to join.

The ancient Religion of Light was well known in ancient Atlantis, before Saturn worshippers took over Atlantis and destroyed the sun. Many feel the power of their ancient ancestors resonating within their DNA (which the elites are currently trying to smear with injections). I also think that many like-minded people have come to Earth at this time to make changes from the inner spark they feel.
It is precisely those who feel a connection with the lunar path that have often met entities from other spheres who help them. Within the old Religion a lot of them are known and depicted on votive stones. It’s not only Nehalennia and Thoth, but there are also angels, white ladies, other helping entities and even the angel Michael, for he was adopted by Christianity but was already known before to the pagans. 

Those with mediumistic gifts that can support the piles of work that will still have to be done in the future, I would like to ask all to unite along this path. I know there are so many of you who are working alone on this level and it can be extra empowering to know that you are not alone and that more people are feeling what you are feeling or are acting in similar ways.

Feel free to share your thoughts under the blog posts. Respond to others and help them in their research to get out of this Matrix, for that is what the Old Moon Path stands for. It are the worshippers of the Yellow Sun that are trying to keep people in matter while the Lunar Path offers a way out. 
Through the research I've been focusing on full-time for years and my interest in pre-moon worship, I've made discoveries that I'll share. The moon offers all kinds of possibilities and can act as a magic ball. We can work very well with that and if we work together and the blog is well visited by like-minded people, we can also share experiences with each other.

Within an ancient tribe called the Pucikwar, it was known that the moon was a gift from Tomo and Nyali to the earth. These are names that can be read as Thoth and Nehalennia; the pair of gods that everyone knew who followed the Ancient Religion of Light and made contact with. They can still be contacted. The moon is a replacement for the destroyed former sun and is said to have been clearly placed in the sky by members of the Light Force. Those who study the ancient texts will discover that the moon is a repaired version of
another sun that was before visible in the sky. The moon can still transmit energy from the former sun that shone in ancient times and radiated a completely different energy than our Yellow Sun does.

The knowledge of the Old Teachings and of the gods belonging to this old religion, are, in my view, essential to bring about positive changes in the future. We are currently living in a time of climax that can go either way, for the energies of Dark and Light are diametrically opposed. We determine which side we are on and you can see that people are clearly starting to show rheir true colours at the moment. Like-minded people now recognize each other much faster than before. Those who still feel a connection with what the Earth could be and become and who want to work hard on it, I would like to ask to unite through the Blog. Time will tell what results from that, but I felt an urge to contribute to the future through the site and I followed that feeling. 
You can find some more information about what people did in the old days by watching
Part 2 of the movies I made. If you want to know more about how I got on the road to research the ancient Earthly heritage, you can also watch the second short video below.