The Ancient Religion of Our Ancestors
In the distant past, after the reset in Atlantis, a great division arised between sun worshippers and those who continued to worship their ancient Light, which the moon still reflects. These two different paths are also literally as different as day and night. 
In the book The White Goddess of Truth, I delve deeply into changes that have been made to our ancient religious heritage. In it I describe all kinds of information about a goddess our distant ancestors believed in. In my forthcoming book, which I am currently working on, I will write more about the Ancient Religion of Light based on my research. Which concerns a sun of a different colour.

You can get a taste of this information if you watch Part 1 of the movie series I've made so far. Since the information is too important for this moment in time,
I decided to share that aspect of my forthcoming book already. We are in the midst of a new reset, which can be compared to the one that happened in Atlantis. If those in power succeed in pushing through this reset, our sun will change again. Bill Gates is working hard to make this happen. He wants to block the sunlight. If he gets his way, our sun will turn black.

A division can be made between all kinds of existing religions, which refer either to the sun or to the moon. The path that ensues from this is characterized by all kinds of facets that show a great difference on the level of points of view and worship.
The solar path is a path of animal-eating and of overshadowing human existence. In exchange for submission and blood sacrifices, the sun worshipper receives revelations. Within religions based on sun worship people believe in the sun-son or in Dutch: de zon-zoon. In these sun-religions there has always been an entity put to the fore that has been given divine qualities after being born as a human child. Such a male entity is then worshipped as a kind of sunlight. On representations, these kinds of saints are invariably depicted with a yellow sun behind the head or with a halo around it which refers to the god and planet Saturn. The path of sun worshippers is marked by destruction and is drawing people into the sphere of Saturn, which people usually don’t realize. Not only the god Saturn, but also the Yellow Sun, have always been compared to slayers by those who have remained faithful to the much older ancient teachings. 

The path of the Ancient Religion of Light is a lunar path, which differs very much from the solar path. That path has always remained different. The moon was supposed to be able to reflect the real Light, namely that of the moment before the sun changed. The moon has therefore been worshipped as the reflector of the former, older sun. Within the path of the moon worshippers,people and animals were equals. Animals were therefore not eaten or hunted and they were seen as examples and earthly representatives of the gods. Through the animals, people could learn a lot about the real Earthly Plan. The old Light teachings are therefore characterized by all kinds of vegetarian groups. 
The gods of the ancient Light teachings are not humans with godly power, but helpful beings who do not desire submission in order to provide revelations. The gods and helpers of the Ancient Religion of Light were invariably regarded as good friends whom wanted to work together with people and animals. A large part of these helpers are females, just like the White Goddess who has a leading role in this ancient religion. This goddess has also appeared and is seen regularly in numerous places around the earth.

There have been made many reversals in history. The ancient moon gods have largely been erased from history books, and the goddess in particular is being subjected to complete censorship. After that, the ancient pagans were framed as cruel sacrificers, which they weren't at all. It has all been lies to draw people to the solar path, which is the basis of many religions on the Earth. Indeed, the opposite is true, because the sun worshippers are the animal eaters and sacrificers. This aspect of sun worship is still visible al over the world.
For example, a conversion has taken place which concerns cows and bulls. In the old religion cows and bulls were very sacred. These animals do not harm anyone, they show how you can live a vegetarian life on the earth and how you can take good care of each other and children. Vegetarian animals have been very sacred within the Ancient Religion of Light and were considered to be the earthly representatives of the gods. 
Within Yellow Sun-oriented religions, however, the bull has been transformed into a sacrificial god, to whom all kinds of animals and people were sacrificed. People were urged to eat these kinds of animals to increase their inner god power. That which was sacrificed for that purpose had to moan to magnify that power. That still happens in slaughterhouses. Anyone who eats meat participates in this and thus even, often unknowingly, serves a sacrificial atmosphere in which a lot of adrenochrome is released. A similar atmosphere arises in arenas, where bulls are brutally slaughtered. It symbolizes the slain of The Ancient Light Force. 

Those who revered the ancient Religion of Light knew that with all that bloodshed a specific sphere was served, which grows as a result of these practices. At this moment many people are still serving that dark (sacrificial) sphere. All these kinds of dark rituals have contributed to the moment and phase the Earth is in now. It is the atmosphere that is used by a specific group of rulers, nowadays often referred to as the Cabal.

Over the centuries, people who knew about the Old Light have tried to awaken others. They have even shown with examples how processes initiated by these dark rulers could be reversed.
The path these ancient pagans unfolded is the lunar path. 
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