Demi H. Quins
The Founder of this Website
My name is Demi H. Quins, and yes, that's a pseudonym. I was born in the Netherlands and live with my husband and our animals in the French mountains. For several years now I have been researching an ancient religion of our distant ancestors full-time. You can read more about this religion on this website and I will publish posts on my blog in the English language, which can also be easily translated for non-native speakers with translate tools. I have written a voluminous book entitled: The White Goddess of Truth. Thanks to the effort of a very dear English friend, it is now available for English readers.
In addition to what I've written about, I've made films that provide additional information for those who have read my book. In this way also those who don't like to read, can still get a bit informed. I will make more of these types of films in the future.

My historical research and my development regarding the contact with the Light Force that I have written about have been synchronized. My religious experience could not be placed in a corner before that time. I have implemented aspects of Buddhism in my life and practice facets of Druidism. In addition, I am a moon worshipper and sometimes feel like a hermit. This has taken on a deeper level, because while writing my book I noticed it became more than just recording a piece of old, forgotten history. I was given signals, clues and signs that made me believe with all my heart in the old religion I wrote about. 
Humanity has been lied to!
For a very long time.
This needs to stop...

The Ancient Light Force can be linked to a pair of gods that was very consciously written out of our history books at the request of rulers whose descendants are still pulling the strings in the world. I am convinced that the energy and strength of that which has been forgotten, but still exists, can contribute to transform the Earth again in a wonderful place for humans and animals. That's why I decided to revive In this way I hope to touch even more hearts with the ancient knowledge that I have researched and still am researching. That's what the ancients wanted! They wanted to be heard and hoped that one day we would understand the symbolisms hidden in the heritage they left us. I am therefore also working hard on a sequel to my already published book.